Do You Really Need to Go to the Dentist Every 6 Months? (Hint: The Answer is Yes)

Do you really need to go to the dentist every 6 months? Some dentists recommend it, but you might feel like it’s excessive. If you don’t have dental insurance it can be costly and even if you do, it’s time-consuming.

What can a dentist do twice per year that you can’t do at home? Aren’t yearly visits enough?

If you want to keep your teeth in perfect condition, the fact of the matter is that twice per year visits really are going to be your best option for a happy and healthy smile.

Not convinced? That’s okay. Let’s talk about it!

Here are 5 reasons that you should see a dentist every six months.

1. Brushing Won’t Get Everything

You might be a diligent teeth-brusher (or a more realistic one, be honest!) but brushing, or even a combination of brushing and flossing, isn’t nearly as effective as professional cleaning.

Removing plaque and tartar can be hard work at home and you don’t have the benefit of being able to see into all of the dark corners of your mouth. A dental hygienist is going to be able to get into all of the tough spots and clean them out with ease.

2. Prevent or Stop Gum Disease

Gum disease can be sneaky. Sometimes it’s nearly invisible, showing only quiet signs until it’s actually a problem.

Untreated gum disease can be no big deal or it can be incredibly harmful, eventually causing damage to your teeth and even your bones.

To address this in a timely manner, it’s best to check up with your dentist often.

3. Keep Teeth Shiny

If you want to keep a nice white smile, going to the dentist often is key. Even if you don’t elect to get special whitening products, regular in-depth cleaning is one of the best ways to help prevent long-term stains.

If you do decide to go the whitening route, a dentist can help you! You don’t have to go with the over-the-counter products that may or may not do anything at all. They’ll help you find something that’s right for your smile.

Get a smile that everyone is jealous of.

4. Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can come from any number of things, but it’s largely due to plaque buildup on your teeth from harmful foods.

As mentioned before, removing sticky plaque at home is difficult and no one really commits to it. This leaves lots of room for decay and cavities.

5. Save Money

Dentist appointments can cost a lot of money if you don’t have insurance. However, tooth removals, root canals, fillings, and caps can cost even more money.

Preventative care, which is what your regular visits will focus on, will help you avoid any more costly procedures later.

So Do You Really Need to Go to the Dentist Every 6 Months?

If you want to ensure that your teeth are getting the best possible care, it’s in your best interest to keep your dentist visits to twice per year. This way you can catch any problems early and protect your beautiful smile. Do you really need to go to the dentist every 6 months? You probably should.

To learn more or make your appointment today, contact our dental office!