General Dentistry

We would like our office to be the dental care provider for you and all members of your family.  In addition to our preventive services, we can diagnose and provide treatment for any dental problems that you may have.  We also have the ability to coordinate your dental care with a team of very skilled specialists to ensure you receive the very best dentistry has to offer.

Our experience and reputation speak well of our expertise in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We perform most procedures in our office with your comfort, peace of mind, and overall health as our top priority.  We are prepared to diagnose and treat diseased or damaged teeth and gums in order to restore both health and appearance.  We combine our experience and ongoing education with state of the art equipment to provide the very best in dental care.  Modern dentistry truly is painless.  Call us if you are experiencing a dental injury, toothache, or any sort of oral discomfort.  Even an increase in your teeth’s sensitivity to cold liquids or biting pressure can indicate a potential problem.


Our General Dental Services


Emergency Dental Services

Emergency DentistCall us immediately if you experience a toothache or dental trauma. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions or see you in the office afterhours.  Prompt emergency treatments can often save a tooth that would be lost if you delay.  In some cases we can even save a tooth that has been knocked out if you notify us immediately.  Dental emergencies can be comprised of many different problems even if it is not causing pain at the present moment. If you are concerned about a specific dental issue call us and we can address it immediately.


Composite Fillings

Composite FillingsComposite fillings are made of resin and filler materials that are available in many shades.  We will closely match the composite to the shade of your tooth so that the fillings are virtually unnoticeable in your mouth.  Composite fillings are placed in a single appointment to restore chipped, broken, fractured, and decayed teeth.  While the tooth is numb we will re
move the decay, carefully etch and prime the tooth, sculpt the composite into the tooth, cure it with a UV light, and finally smooth and polish the new composite to your original function.  It is normal to experience cold sensitivity when composites are first placed; however, this will subside once the tooth acclimates to the new filling. Learn More


Tooth Extractions

tooth-extractionAlthough your permanent teeth are expected to last a lifetime, there are circumstances where extractions are the only viable treatment.  We will make every effort to try to save teeth; however, an extraction may be necessary if the tooth is badly damaged from decay, a tooth with severe bone loss, and fractures into the root of a tooth.  Sometimes extractions are necessary to prevent problems in the future, most notable of these are the wisdom teeth.


Root Canals

rct-treatment.jpgRoot canal therapy involves a sequence of treatments to remove the pulp (nerve) of the tooth in order to eliminate infection and to protect the tooth from future infections. Without this treatment, the infection of the pulp will spread to the bone surrounding the roots and into the soft tissues of the mouth.  Extensive decay, trauma, and fractures of the tooth are the most common reasons for needing a root canal treatment.  Bacteria invade the pulp space, infects it, and causes the nerve to become necrotic.  The tooth may become symptomatic to hot and cold, biting pressure, and the gums surrounding the tooth may become swollen and tender.  An x-ray will help determine if a root canal is necessary.  Prompt treatment will increase the prognosis of the tooth. Learn More


Dental Crowns and Bridges

All Porcelain CrownsA crown (cap) is used to restore teeth when it has cracked, fractured, or decayed to the point where a filling can no longer be used.  It will protect the remaining tooth structure and restore the appearance of the tooth so that it can function in harmony with the rest of the dentition.  We have many choices when it comes to the materials used to fabricate your crown, from full porcelain to full metal crown (gold).  A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth.  A bridge helps restore appearance and prevent teeth from drifting which can result in tooth, gum, and jaw problems.  Both crowns and bridges can last a lifetime unless the tooth structure underneath becomes decayed.  You can prolong the longevity of your crowns and bridges by practicing good daily oral hygiene and visiting our office for regular check up and cleanings.  Learn More



Dental DenturesDentures are a removable replacement for all teeth in one arch (complete dentures) or some of the teeth (partial dentures).  If you have already lost most or all of your teeth they will improve chewing, speech, and support of the facial muscles for a better appearance even when your mouth is closed.  Dentures and partials should be evaluated routinely to make sure they fit properly, especially if they are causing discomfort.  Ill filling dentures can cause trauma to the oral tissues and existing teeth.



Dental Implant Restoration

dental-implantAn implant completely replaces a lost tooth with a placement of a titanium screw firmly anchored into your jaw. Once the titanium screw integrates with your jawbone, it is restored with an implant crown. They are a superior alternative to partials in terms of appearance, speech, comfort, eating, and oral health.  With good oral hygiene dental implants can last a lifetime!


Night Guards

Dental Night GuardA night guard is a dental splint that is worn over the upper teeth to prevent tooth to tooth contact in patients that have the propensity to grind their teeth.  Grinding and clenching causes extensive stress on the jaw joints, the muscles of the jaw, and teeth. A dental splint or guard is used to alleviate pain and prevent further destruction of healthy tooth structure.


Sports Guards

sports-guardAthletic mouth guards are extremely important in reducing dental injuries, which are surprisingly common in sports.  Some injuries can have lifetime effects.  A custom mouth guard provides the very best protection and significantly improves comfort.  If you or your child participate in certain athletic activities, we may recommend a making a sports guard depending on age, dental conditions, and dental history.

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