Make Flossing Easier With These Tips

Flossing can be a difficult task. In fact, one of the most overlooked hygiene regimen is flossing. Many skip flossing altogether or only do so when they are feeling discomfort. The Michelle Wang DDS team encourages each of our patients to floss every night. With the tips below, you’ll find that flossing is easier than you may imagine.

Find the Right Type

There are several types of floss. Have you tried different varieties? If not, try a few. Often the type of material, thickness, and flavor can make the experience more palatable. Some people enjoy using waxed thin floss while others benefit from ribbon-styled flat floss. After investigating, you’ll likely find your preferred floss.

Flossing Tools & Finger Dexterity

If you struggle with finger dexterity, it may be easier to use a flossing tool. Some tools include stick flosser and mini flossers with handles. Both give the user a better handle to grasp during the regimen. When used effectively, they can help individuals to control the angle of the floss without straining the hands. Another benefit of these tools is their ability to keep the floss tense.

Consistency Is Key

Making flossing a consistent part of your daily oral hygiene provides balance to tooth brushing. The toothbrush cleans the surface of teeth, while flossing clears away substances resting between teeth and gums. Remember, the more consistent you are, the better your oral health will be.

During bi-annual dental check-ups we make patients aware of areas that they may need to focus on in their oral hygiene methods. We can teach you more effective ways to floss and brush if necessary. If it is time for a check-up schedule an appointment online or call us at the number below.