3 Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers, also known as porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates, require planning and preparation. Veneers are thin layers of material that are bonded to the surface of your teeth, which improve the look of your smile. Michelle Wand DDS specializes in providing cosmetic dental procedures. If you are interested in veneers, below are some of the questions that you should ask your dentist before you undergo a veneer procedure.

What are the specific differences between dental veneer types?

Veneers are available in several different materials.  Each of veneer type has advantages and disadvantages.  Qualities such as color retention, durability, thickness, strength, and price vary from one veneer type to another.  For instance, Lumineers have a very high-quality grade in most areas but they also more expensive than other veneers.  Since veneers differ in thickness, ask you dentist about the preparation differences between the types that you are interested in.  It may help you to make a final decision.

What happens during the veneer procedure?

Every dental veneer procedure will differ because each procedure should be customized to the needs of the patient.  As stated before, the type of veneer that you choose will have a direct impact on how much preparatory work is performed on your teeth.

How much experience does your dentist have in veneer procedures?

Experience matters.  When a dentist has performed the procedure several times, his or her efficiency, technique, and ability to adjust to situations improves vastly.  As a rule of thumb, experience affects the procedure’s outcome.  Some dentists are even certified with certain veneer types like Lumineers.

Remember, your local dentist will give you recommendations for your veneer procedure.  But your dental health is your responsibility.  A good dentist will always consider how every treatment will affect your dental health.  Consequently, it is still best to consult a dentist and ask several questions before committing to any treatment.

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