Are You Preventing Dental Problem With Dental Check-ups?

The numbers are staggering!

Approximately 64.7 million Americans suffer from some form of periodontal disease (commonly called gum disease).  Instead of becoming a statistic or remaining as one, why not take advantage of the best service that any dentist can give you.

Preventative dental procedures.

The dental practice of Michelle Wang DDS encourages you to benefit from the various services of our preventative dentistry.  You can schedule an appointment to have your bi-annual dental check-up, digital x-rays, professional dental cleaning, scaling & root planing, or dental sealants.  All of these services are 100% covered by dental insurance.  If you have not used your yearly maximum, you could be throwing away a prime opportunity to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.  Below are brief reasons why you should schedule the above preventative dental procedures.

Dental Exams

A lot can change in your mouth in six months!  Consequently, bi-annual dental exams probe for cancer, bite irregularities, gum disease, and cavities.  If you have any other dental work, we check it to make sure that it is functioning properly.

Dental X-rays

Monitoring how the boney structure and interior of your teeth are performing is an integral part of preventing future dental problems.  Were you aware we can track and tell how your teeth have changed over years of visits?  This information helps us to understand the dynamics of your oral health and how to best address any dental issues.

Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planning

There nothing like a professional chairside dental cleaning.  We have tools and instruments that deep clean teeth above and below the gum line.  Additionally, we can see places that you can’t and get them clean before a problem occurs.

Dental Sealants

Protecting the surfaces of molars is possible through the use of dental sealants.  Typically we place these on children’s teeth but there are situations where adults can benefit from them too.

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