Caring For your Oral Health As You Age

As you move into your golden years, taking care of your health may become more of a priority.  The same is often true of your smile.  The great news is that maintaining a beautiful smile is possible.

Do you want to keep your smile looking its best throughout your golden years?  Then you may find the following details most helpful.

Difficulty With Hygiene

As you age, it may be more difficult to perform oral regimens.  Arthritis along with a host of other health-related issues can make handling a toothbrush or angling fingers during flossing a challenge.  If you are finding that brushing and flossing are not as easy as you would like it to be, ask our team about options.  We can offer you different types of toothbrushes, floss aids, and other strategies for cleaning your teeth.

Reduce Sugar-laden Drink From Your Diet

High amounts of sugar will work against your total well-being, including your oral health.  If you reduce the amount of sugar that you consume, you will have an easier time maintaining healthy teeth.  Substitute sodas for other drinks like smoothies or flavored seltzer water.

Increase Water Intake

Water makes up a large part of our body for a reason.  Its properties help facilitate healthy bodily function.  One problem that many older patients face is dry mouth.  There are no treatments, medicines, or dental alternatives that is more effective than water.  Water is the best option for hydrating your entire body including your salivary glands.

Keep Routine Dental Visits

Having a professional to keep a close eye on your oral health is one of the best strategies as you age.  Medications and other health-related issues can change your oral situation relatively quickly.  Make it a priority to schedule regular dental visits if you want to keep a beautiful and healthy smile.

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