Treating An Abscessed Tooth The Right Way

Short-term fixes nearly always present larger costs.  This is definitely the case concerning an abscessed tooth.  Are you dealing with a swollen, bleeding tooth that is causing you severe pain?  Then it is likely that your tooth is abscessed.  As time progresses the pain will grow and other health problems will occur.  Although the pain may be excruciating, it is best not to seek a short-term solution to the problem.

If you perform an internet search, you may come across home-remedies to dealing with an abscessed tooth (and there are many).  These strategies may temporarily curb the pain, but they do not solve the real problem to your dental situation.  Let’s see why.

Why Avoid Short-Term Abscess Fixes

There are no home-based abscess remedies that are proven to work long-term.  Why?  Because they can only treat the bacteria that is at the surface of the tooth.  This could bring some immediate comfort to the area but it will do little to handle the underlying issue with your abscess.

An abscessed tooth has an infestation of bacteria between the gum and tooth.  As the bacteria increase the site becomes filled with puss which contributes the pressure (and pain) that you feel.  However, the majority of the pain arrives when the bacteria reaches the nerve of the tooth.

Killing off the bacteria at the surface of the abscess will only offer temporary relief.  You will need to get an antibiotic prescription from a dentist or doctor to deal with the bacteria that is within your bloodstream.  It should be noted that an antibiotic will not treat the bacteria within the pulp of the infected tooth.  To properly fix this issue, you should see a licensed dentist for a root canal.

Michelle Wang DDS treats patients suffering from tooth abscesses quickly, professionally, and thoroughly.  If you have an abscessed tooth, call us immediately at (909) 453-4346.

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